Blue-Grey Jersey Presentation Tour: Morian Walker
November 10, 2015

When it comes to life on the recruiting trail, the days of flying underneath the proverbial radar are on the verge of coming to an end for Morian Walker from Valley Christian (CA).

There have been plenty of indications about the tide turning for the 6-1 and 205-pound running back in the Class of 2016. One need not look any further than this past weekend, in fact.

The nationwide Blue-Grey Jersey Presentation Tour recently made a stop out in Northern California to recognize Walker. The acknowledgment was long overdue, some might say.

The visit was in advance of him playing on the West vs. East in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl on December 20 at Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. Stages don’t get any bigger.

Also worth mentioning, two other games take place shortly thereafter: Jan. 9 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Raymond James Stadium and Jan. 16 at Jacksonville Jaguars’ EverBank Field.

“I know that opportunities like this don’t come around often, I’m going to take advantage of my chance to play in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl. It’s an honor for me,” Walker said.

Therein lies the key: When given the opportunity in the recent past, he’s done just that, take advantage of the all-important situation. Timing is everything, as they have so often said.

Walker did well at February’s Blue-Grey Regional Combine and was welcomed back to June’s invite-only Blue-Grey Super Combine. Both workouts were held at College of San Mateo.

“Walker is a great, down to earth young man, that’s on and off the field. It’ll be a privilege to work with him again,” said NFL veteran and Blue-Grey All-American Bowl coach Mark McMillian

“Every time I’ve seen this kid, especially at our combines, I’ve been impressed with him. Even with his size, he still has the speed to run away from linebackers and defensive backs.”

The one-time professional is spot-on with his assessment. And now, better late than never, it appears as if college coaches are starting to finally figure out what Walker has to offer.

With a scholarship from Wyoming, other Mountain West Conference programs are jumping on the bandwagon. Same thing could be said about schools in the Pac-12 Conference.

It’s not about where you start, but where you finish. Walker would likely readily admit as much. Also, no longer a relative unknown on the recruiting landscape, the future is bright.

First things first, of course, before life soon begins for him at the next level in college, the journey continues for Walker in the upcoming Blue-Grey All-American Bowl.

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